Wood Staining

Wood Staining

When you have wood on the exterior of your home, office, or commercial property, that wood can take a serious beating. Wood that is exposed to the outside elements can not only become dirty thanks to rain, debris, insects, fungi, animals and more, but it can also become stained and worn, which can decrease its quality and strength.

At Texas Star Painting, we provide wood staining services so that your wood not only looks good, but is also protected for years to come. When you choose to have wood staining done by Texas Star Painting, we’ll make sure that the color of the wood looks just right, and also that it is protected from wind, water, sun, creatures, and all of the other things encountered in the great outdoors. We can also stain wood that has simply been aged thanks to the years it’s been in use.

We provide the following wood staining services to property owners in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Wood Staining Services

  • Fence Staining – Let us come spruce up your wood fence with a staining. By staining your fence, you can reverse the wear and tear done to it by the elements.
  • Arbor Staining – Do you have an arbor in your yard? Texas Star Painting can stain or re-stain it for you.
  • Patio Cover Staining – A patio cover helps keep you and your belongings shielded from the elements. We can help re-stain the covering once it’s been exposed to wind, rain, snow, debris and more.
  • Deck Staining – Your deck is an important gathering place for family and friends. We can improve its look and condition by staining the wood it’s comprised of.
  • Cedar Shutters Stain – Cedar shutters can be an elegant fixture on any home or office. We can re-stain any shutters whose look or condition has deteriorated.
  • Cedar Garage Stain – If your garage is made of cedar, the wood may get worn and weathered as time passes. We can stain it so that it looks good as new.

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