6 Things To Expect From A Professional House Painter

Professional House Painter Plano TX

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Expert Color Advice

Most of us think we have great taste when it comes to home decor and choosing colors that coordinate; but in reality, most of us are wrong.  An experienced, professional house painter can help you choose colors that complement each other well and can show you how light and dark colors can change the way a room looks and feels.  In addition, a pro painter can tell you which colors are new and trendy, which is important if you’re thinking of putting your house on the market in the near future.

Proper Surface Preparation

No matter how expertly paint is applied to a surface, it won’t matter if the surface isn’t prepared ahead of time to receive the paint.  A professional house painter understands the process of preparing a home for painting and knows that the steps they have to take can include washing dirty walls, sanding surfaces, filling holes and cracks and applying primer.

Painting Skill and Expertise

Painting is like golf; everyone who sees it being done thinks it’s easy to do until they try it themselves. Painting the right way requires a great deal of skill that’s acquired through years of experience painting every kind of surface and using every kind of painting technique. A skilled painter knows which types of paints to use, how to properly mask unpainted areas, how to deal with lead paint, how to protect your furniture and flooring and much more.

The Best Equipment

Unlike most DIY painters, a professional painter will have all of the tools they need to do the job well without interruption.  He or she won’t have to leave the job site to run to the hardware store because of forgotten tarps or paint rollers.  In addition, they’ll have the highest-quality equipment on hand that they are experienced in using.

Perfect Results

If you paint your home yourself, you can be sure that it won’t look like it was done by a pro.  As a homeowner, painting is only one of the things you’ll be doing if you attempt the job yourself and that means distractions that can result in some serious imperfections.  A professional won’t be distracted because painting is their only job, which means they will be able to give your home the attention it deserves and give you a perfect paint job.

Cleanup After The Job Is Done

Cleaning up after a home repair or improvement is no fun; it can be tedious and unpleasant.  A professional painter will handle any of the mess that results from painting your home as part of the job.  That means removing paint brushes and rollers, rolling up drop cloths, cleaning up any spilled paint and making sure there are no drips or drops to ruin your home’s finish.

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